About This Project

Charity Cars is a Non-Profit car donation charity.

My responsibilities for this non-profit charity were to redesign their existing outdated, non-responsive website and develop a new design that would lead to more donations. I designed an entirely new website layout, recreated a vector version of their logo, shortened & split up their online donation form and developed a responsive website. I created a PSD layout mockup and used HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax and PHP. Since the launch of the newly redesigned site a couple months ago, the charity has seen an increase of an average of 3 additional donations per week.

Other responsibilities included: setting up and moderating social media accounts for the charity (including Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn), as well as creating an online blog to post articles, news, media and past recipient stories. I proofread, edit and post content to the blog. I also do conversion rate optimization for the site, as well as retargeting ads, onsite SEO, and manage the performance of the site.

CMS Used: Wordpress (for blog)

Languages Used: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, PHP/MySQL

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for interface mockup and graphics

800 Charity Cars